Young Boy Seriously Injured After Pit Bull Attack.

On November 25, 2013, a Bronx, NY five year-old boy was severely injured after being viciously attacked by his aunt’s pit bull.

The five year-old boy was visiting his grandmother in the Bronx when the severe personal injury attack occurred.  On the night he came to visit, he attempted to crawl into bed with his aunt, who is thirteen years old.  The pit bull was also in the bed with her. When the boy crawled into the bed, the pit bull attacked the boy, perhaps out of a protective instinct, biting at his crotch.  The dog ripped off the boy’s genitals in the vicious attack.

The boy was then rushed to the Bronx Hospital and is now recovering in another hospital.

In response to the dog attack, the boy’s grandparents, Marissa Pettiford and Vernon Jackson, were both charged with having a dog that is unlicensed and dangerous.  In New York, one can be punished for this misdemeanor with a one-year prison sentence.   Subsequent to the attack, Jackson was held on bail for $15,000. The dog was put to sleep.

The injuries the boy has endured will require extensive surgery. While genital repair has become possible with modern surgical techniques, plastic or reconstructive surgery might be necessary for the boy because the dog bite caused such an unusual severing to the genital area.

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