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Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ") With Respect to Massachusetts Dog Bite Claims

What is the Law Regarding Dog Attacks in Massachusetts and the Liability of the Dog Owner or Keeper?

Massachusetts is a statutory strict liability state, which means that a Massachusetts dog owner or keeper is strictly liable for compensating the Massachusetts dog attack victim for all injuries that he or she sustained in a dog attack incident. This includes damages for pain and suffering, bodily injuries, medical bills, lost wages and any other types of compensable damages. Under Massachusetts law, therefore, it is not necessary for the Massachusetts dog attack victim to prove that the dog had previous behavioral issues or that the dog owner or keeper was negligent. The attack, in and of itself, is sufficient to establish the liability of the dog owner or keeper.

The exceptions are if a Massachusetts dog attack victim over the age of seven was trespassing onto private property where the dog was located, or was tormenting, abusing or taunting the dog before the dog attack. Under such circumstances, there is no strict liability and the negligence of the dog owner or keeper must be established. The rationale is that the behavior of children, seven and under, is excused because of their lack of experience and knowledge. Massachusetts laws regarding dog bites and children and the liability of the dog owner or keeper are among the toughest in the nation. This pro-victim approach forces dog owners to be more responsible with their dogs, especially around children.

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Is There Liability for Non-Bite Types of Injuries in Massachusetts?


Dogs can inflict many types of injuries other than dog bites. A dog can cause injuries by scratching, tripping, knocking down, jumping on or frightening a person. Massachusetts dog attacks may result in lacerations, crush injuries if a person is knocked to the ground, and nerve damage.

Victims of Massachusetts dog attacks also often experience emotional distress, such as fear of going outside or near other dogs, depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All of these injuries, both physical and psychological, are covered by Massachusetts law governing Massachusetts dog attacks and monetary compensation is available under Massachusetts law. These injuries also generally require medical treatment. Hiring an experienced Massachusetts dog bite lawyer can help you obtain compensation for all of your injuries, including compensation to pay for your medical bills. Please call our expert Boston dog attack attorneys today at 617-787-3700.

Should I Get an Expert Boston Dog Attack Lawyer for My or My Child’s Dog Attack Injury?


An experienced dog attack lawyer can help you negotiate a higher settlement with insurance companies than you could do on you own. The extensive knowledge of the Boston dog bite attorneys at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates and our years of experience in dealing with insurance companies, as well as the threat of litigation, give us leverage in negotiating for the maximum monetary compensation for your injuries. We also have the expertise to evaluate the amount of compensation that you should receive based on the extent of your specific injuries. Our dog bite lawyers are also able to evaluate your lost earning capacity, which is extremely useful in making sure you receive full compensation for all of your injuries and damages.

Our Boston attorneys promise to actively work with you on your case throughout the negotiation and litigation process. You will be included in every legal decision, copied on all documentation, and kept aware of all of the current issues. Retaining an attorney from the Law Offices of Gilbert Hoy, Jr. and Associates will provide you with excellent legal representation and will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible.

Retaining legal representation will help your case move forward in the quickest and most efficient manner. Most dog bite cases can be settled through negotiation, and will not require costly trial fees. It is definitely in your best interests to hire one of our Boston dog attack attorneys to represent you or your child with respect to your dog bite injuries to ensure that you receive full compensation for your lost wages, your pain and suffering, and your medical bills. Call our expert Boston dog bite lawyers today at 617-787-3700.

Will I Have to Pay Any Money Up Front?


Our Boston dog bite attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not have to pay us a cent unless and until we recover money for you. We don't get paid until you receive compensation!

Will Legal Fees Greatly Reduce My Net Settlement?


A person who chooses to represent himself or herself in a claim without the assistance of a lawyer may only recover about 20% of the actual value of their claim, a small fraction of its actual worth and value. A skilled dog bite attorney is in a much better position to negotiate with insurance companies and will help you obtain the full monetary settlement you deserve. Legal fees are only a third of the money you recover. Therefore, retaining a lawyer is cheaper than trying to represent yourself.

For What Injuries and Damages Can I Receive Compensation?

Our expert dog bite attorneys can help you obtain money to pay for your:

If your loved one has died as a result of a dog attack, our attorneys can help you bring a wrongful death action. In a wrongful death action, the monetary damages that may be recovered include:

I Was Bitten By a Family Member’s Dog. I Don’t Want to Hurt My Family Member Financially By Filing a Dog Bite Injury Claim. Is There Any Way I Can Still Recover Money?

Dog attacks frequently involve the dog of a family member or friend. In fact, statistics show that when small children are attacked, there is a 75% chance that the dog belongs to a neighbor, friend or family member. In these sticky situations, victims are often concerned about filing a claim for damages because they do not want a friend or family member to be burdened with paying for their injuries out-of-pocket.

Luckily, although the dog owner is liable under Massachusetts law, compensation for your injuries is generally paid through other third parties, usually through:

  • Homeowner's insurance
  • Renter's insurance
  • Motor home owner's insurance
  • Condominium owner's insurance

If your family member is covered under their insurance and has a limit high enough to pay for all of your damages, they will not need to pay you anything out of their own pocket.

The vast majority of claims can be settled outside of court through negotiation and without making accusation, taking money out of your family member’s pocket, or ruining your relationship with your family member.

How Much is My Dog Bite Case Worth?

Financial compensation for Massachusetts dog attacks varies widely from case to case. Monetary damages often depend on the severity of your physical injuries, how long your symptoms last, any disfigurement or scarring you have, and any impairment to the functioning of your lifestyle. Emotional injuries are often more difficult to prove. Our Boston attorneys believe, however, that the emotional trauma can often be just as damaging as physical injuries. We will fight to gain for you the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering and emotional distress resulting from the dog attack.

How Long Will it Take Me to Receive Money for my Claim?

Once you are finished with your recovery and receiving medical treatment, our Boston dog bite attorneys will then finish gathering all of the evidence necessary for your case and work to settle your case with the insurance company or the dog owner or keeper. After the evidence is gathered, a case could settle in as little as 2 months. Sometimes, however, cases could take years to settle.

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