Stafforshire Terrier’s Fate Hangs In The Balance.

A dog is in the custody of Barnstable County officials in Hyannis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, after the large animal attacked and killed another pedestrian’s dog on December 3, 2013.

Princess, a Staffordshire Terrier owned by Christy Sharp and Cynthia Henning, is now in the custody of county officials because she attacked and killed Geraldo and Hayara Cardoso’s dog Bobby, a yorkie.  Geraldo was walking his daughter Hayara’s dog Bobby, when out of nowhere, Bobby was attacked by two large dogs.  He tried to pick up the dog and save him but Princess had ripped Bobby apart and killed him.

According to Henning, Princess has never attacked anybody.  Cardoso feels guilty about having Princess euthanized due to the fact that he knows how the death of a dog can affect people based upon his recent experience.  Because Princess is young, it is likely that she will become bigger than she already is.  So, it is being debated as to whether her growth will be a concern in terms of protection of the public.

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