Nine Dogs Found Dead in Westfield, MA Kennel.

Nine show dogs have turned up dead in a private kennel in Westfield, MA. The kennel is owned by Brenda Coggin. The cause of death of the dogs is allegedly a faulty air conditioner.

Coggin owns Coggin Creek Stables, which houses about thirty horses, as well as dogs.  Coggin says that she left her nine Australian shepherds, worth thousands of dollars, in the kennel in the morning.  When she returned in the afternoon, she found them dead in a pool of blood.

The air conditioner was giving off a mist and there was a chemical odor.  She believes the dogs were poisoned by a leaking coolant or became overheated and died.

Coggin had about thirty people on the scene to help her, including a veterinarian, but never called the authorities before she buried all nine dogs. She apparently did not think that anything could be done.  No animal cruelty laws have been found to be broken at this time, but an investigation is ongoing.

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