California Man Attacked by Mountain Lion.

A 63 year-old man from California was hiking in Nevada City recently. He decided to set up camp and was asleep in his sleeping bag near the Yuba River when he was attacked. A mountain lion bit and clawed at him through his sleeping bag.

The animal bit at his head and hands, and tore through his clothes in a ferocious animal attack. The mountain lion eventually stopped and moved away, and the victim escaped and drove himself to a nearby hospital emergency room.

The as yet unidentified man suffered some serious personal injuries, with several scratches and puncture wounds, and has not yet been released from the hospital.

It is not known why the mountain lion attacked the man. However, once a mountain lion attacks a human, it is more likely it will do it again. Authorities are now searching for the dangerous animal.

California has had 15 mountain lion attack incidents, and only eleven out of the seventeen personal injury victims have survived. The most recent attack victim was aware of the advice to fight back when attacked by a mountain lion and was lucky to escape with non life-threatening injuries.

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