Former Taylor County, WV Delegate Suffers Dog Bite Injury.

A former Taylor County, West Virginia House of Delegates member was viciously attacked by two dogs last Thursday morning while in southern Monongalia County.

Jeff Tansill was performing a termite inspection at a home in Monongalia County when four dogs surrounded him. Tansill panicked and attempted to flee from the dogs, at which point two of the dogs attacked and viciously bit him.

Tansill was bleeding profusely from his leg and arm after the dog attack, but was still able to drive himself to Ruby Memorial Hospital. Tansill had to receive multiple stiches on both his arm and leg, but is expected to make a full recovery.

He said the customer was not home at the time of the dog bite incident, but that the customer is regular and well known, so he will not be pressing charges.

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