Neighbors Have Had Enough Of The Bite-Crazy Rescue Dog Named Bolt.

A medium-sized white-haired mixed breed dog named Bolt has become the tormentor of an entire apartment building in Chelsea, New York. Rescued in 2010 by Manhattan doctor Amy Bleyer, the dog has bitten at least eight people over the last two years.

Residents of the West 27th Street apartment building are admittedly frightened of the vicious dog. According to one resident, he has been forced to “live in terror” because of the wild canine. Other residents say they can constantly hear the dog barking as if he is trying to break through the front door. He has snapped at or bit several neighbors, including a mother and daughter duo and even the superintendent, who was left bleeding after the dog attacked him this past October.

The dog’s owner, Doctor Amy Bleyer, refuses to muzzle or give up the dog. She sends the pup to a behaviorist to curb his aggressive tendencies, yet those visits have done little to help so far. Bleyer says the dog has been a perfect companion for her 8-year-old son who watched her and her ex-husband struggle through a messy divorce. After two of the attacks were reported to police, however, the Health Department has been called upon to investigate. Sanctions could include ordering Bleyer to muzzle or even ordering the dog to be relocated to a new home.

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