Toddler Uses FaceTime To Call For Help When Mother Bit By Dog.

When a dog staying in her home nearly bit off one of her fingers, Laura Boone begged her 4-year-old daughters to call 911. Laua was afraid she’d pass out from the blood when the girls were too scared to touch the blood-soaked phone, but 2-year-old Bentley saved the day. He washed off the phone with a wash cloth and FaceTimed his mother’s friend.

Laura Toone was attacked by a foster dog she cared for in her home. The foster dog had attacked one of her own dogs, and when she attempted to break up the fight he turned against her. The attack nearly cost Laura her finger. The Arizona native begged her four-year-old girls to call 911, but they were simply too scared to touch the phone.

Just as she thought she’d pass out from blood loss, entered her 2-year-old son from the kitchen carrying out a dishtowel. He cleaned off the phone before making a FaceTime call to his mother’s friend. Laura’s friends are accustomed to prank FaceTime calls from little Bentley, and often decline FaceTime calls from Laura’s phone. But this time, her friend Tara answered, and when she heard Laura’s screams she called 911. Little Bentley opened the door for police when they arrived. Thanks to a 2-year-old with a knack for technology, Laura Toone will be just fine.

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