Two People Injured, One Dog Dead After Vicious Dog Attack in California.

Two people suffered dog bite wounds after a pair of loose dogs attacked them in Placentia, California.

The pair were attacked at an apartment complex on S. Jefferson St. in Placentia around 5:30 AM on Saturday, January 25.  They contacted authorities, who located the two dogs, described by police as “pit-bull type,” in the gated parking area of the apartment complex.  Police then set up a perimeter around the dogs to prevent them from attacking any other residents until animal control officers arrived.

However, when animal control attempted to capture one of the dogs, it charge a Placentia police officer, who shot at the dog with a shotgun.  The injured dog ran to a corner of the parking lot but, when officers again tried to capture it, it charged at the police again.  This time, two police officers fired on the dog, killing it.

Animal control was able to capture the second of the two dogs without incident, and have it in custody at the Orange County Animal Care center while they attempt to locate the owner of the dogs.

The two people injured in the dog attacks were treated for their wounds at local hospitals.

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