Maryland Couple Attacked By Pit Bull They Were Dog-Sitting.

A 57 year-old woman and a 53 year-old man were dog-sitting two of their children’s pit bulls. At that time, one of the dogs attacked the couple. Unfortunately, the dog bite incident has left the couple with severe and lasting personal injuries.

The man stated that a commotion took place between the dogs while the couple was taking them for a walk, and the pit bull then turned on the husband and wife. It is currently unclear as to what exactly set the dog off. Police were called to 300 Highland Drive, in Glen Burnie, Maryland, only to find the woman at the apartment door, bleeding from the dog bite wounds she had sustained in the dog attack.

When emergency crews approached the woman, the pit bull emerged from the house and tried to attack the woman once again. Police officers distracted the dog. When it lunged at the officers, one officer stunned it with a Taser. The animal died from the shock of the electric device.

The couple was taken to a nearby hospital emergency room with serious, but thankfully non-life-threatening, personal injuries.

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