Boy Playing in Australian Park Attacked by Stray Dog.

On Sunday, June 2nd, Annette Roots took two of her sons, including Nicholas, 4 years of age, to a local park in Cairns, Australia. The family dog, that was reportedly placid and well trained, accompanied them to the park. Nicholas went to play in the grass with the animal, while Annette pushed her youngest son on the swings nearby. According to Annette, she suddenly heard Nicholas scream and cry out. When she ran over, there was blood everywhere. A stray dog had bitten Nicholas in the face.

The ridgeback dog had not been seen at the park before, and may have followed another family there. Nicholas was immediately transported to the Cairns Base Hospital emergency room, where he later underwent surgery for the three puncture marks on his face.

According to local reports, 88 people in the Cairns area have sustained personal injuries from dog attacks this year. 50 of the injured were sent to the Cairns Base Hospital for medical treatment.

The Roots family says they doubt they will return to the park for a while after the dog bite incident. Annette urges others to remain vigilant and watchful of stray dogs in the area, especially when around children who are easier targets. She is thankful for the several strangers at the park who rushed to her son’s aid at the scene of the dog attack.

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