Father And Son Attacked By Vicious Dog In Western Australia.

David Cooper was an avid boxer, but even he was no match for a vicious Staffordshire bull terrier who attacked him and his son at their house on Wootlana Street in Manning, Western Australia last week.

Cooper explained that he was sitting in his living room on July 31st when the next-door neighbor’s dog jumped their fence and ran straight at Cooper’s 9 year-old son Jai who was riding his bike in the driveway of their home. Cooper saw the dog sink its teeth into his sons arm, and he bolted outside. Cooper kicked the dog and put in a headlock in the attempt to get the dog off of his son. He managed to pull the dog off his son after a five minute tussle, and that is when the dog turned on Cooper instead.

Jai ran to Manning Road, flagging down a plumber, Ryan Clark, who happened to be driving by in his truck. With the help of another neighbor, Natalie Lawrence, who heard the commotion, Clark was able to get the dog off Cooper using a shovel. Cooper now credits his young son with saving his life.

Clark rushed Cooper and Jai to the Royal Perth Hospital emergency room. Cooper underwent emergency surgery to repair his fingers. Tendons and veins had to be removed from his left wrist and instead used to restructure his thumb. Physicians are still unsure if Cooper will ever be able to use his thumb again. Jai received 35 stitches following the dog attack.

The dog has since been taken into custody by the City of South Perth while the accident is being investigated. The Western Australia Dog Act permits a maximum penalty fine of $10,000 against each person liable in a dog attack. Cooper and his son are waiting to see if they can be compensated for the damages suffered in this life-changing incident.

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