Judge Appoints Lawyer to Represent Pit Bull After Dog Attack.

A Superior Court Judge in Savannah, South Carolina, has appointed attorney Claude Kicklighter to represent a pit bull and his former owners at an upcoming hearing regarding an incident in which the pit bull bit a 5 year-old child.

The dog, named Kno, attacked 5 year-old Wesley Frye last summer, resulting in scarring and partial paralysis of the right side of Frye‘s face. Authorities are unsure what, if anything, provoked Kno to attack the young child.

Kno‘s owners took him to a local animal shelter the day of the dog bite incident and relinquished ownership, leaving no one to defend the dog, which now faces being put down. As a result, Judge William Woodrum, Jr., appointed Kicklighter to represent Kno “in the interest of justice.”

Kicklighter will be working pro bono.

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