3-Pound Canadian Chihuahua Designated A “Dangerous Dog.”

A tiny Chihuahua named Molly, from Windsor, Ontario, has been designated a “dangerous dog” by the city’s licensing commission. This was after the small canine allegedly bit a lettercarrier on the ankle in August.

The lettercarrier reported a dog bite to her manager at the Canada Post. The manager then proceeded to file a police report concerning the alleged dog bite.

The city’s licensing commission held a hearing on the dog attack matter and decided to designate Molly a “dangerous dog,” requiring that she be muzzled and that the dog’s owners put up a sign with a “vicious dog” warning, and that a $1 million insurance policy be taken out for the dog.

Molly’s owners have appealed the decision and are trying to bring media attention to the story.

Among the many complaints of the owners is the lack of information regarding the alleged dog bite, such as pictures or a medical report. The owners have also complained that the punishment is completely out of proportion to the alleged crime.

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