Cat Mayor of Alaska Town in Recovery After Vicious Dog Attack.

In yet another case of political disagreement gone too far, Stubbs, the feline honorary mayor of a small Alaska Town, has suffered serious injuries in an attack by one of the political cat’s detractors, a stray dog.

15 years ago, the quirky community of Talkeetna, Alaska, population: 900, elected an orange cat to be the town’s honorary mayor. Talkeetna has no official mayor. The beloved 16 year-old cat lives in Nagley’s General Store and executes his official duties by greeting and chatting up customers.

The cat and the community got a major scare on August 31st, when a non-voting resident of Talkeetna, a stray dog, launched a vicious personal assault of the mayor on the streets of Stubbs’ town. Stubbs suffered serious injuries in the mauling, including a pierced lung, bruised hips, fractured sternum and a deep laceration on the side. The mayor has been in recovery at a veterinary hospital in Wasilla until this week, when the mayor has finally returned to his town.

The mayor’s owner, Lauri Stec, has commented that the mayor will rest in a home adjoining the store as his recovery continues. The much loved mayor has already received dozens of cards and treats from well-wishing constituents, and the mayor’s Facebook page has over 22,000 likes from well-wishers across the world. As the mayor’s condition continues to improve, he is expected to resume his official duties at the General Store within the next two weeks.

No news on the perpetrator of the vicious dog attack, but Stec has stated that she is familiar with the guilty party and has referred the case to the borough animal control officials.

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