8 Year-Old Girl Saves Little Brother From Dog Attack.

8 year-old Mackenzie Lebron, of Shoals, Alabama, has been called a hero for saving her 4 year-old brother from a dog attack, and getting mauled by the dog instead of her brother.

The brave second-grader was leaving her grandmother’s house on Saywell Street in Sheffield when the dog attack occurred. “I put him on top of the car and it came into me,” Mackenzie reported. “I tried to run from the dog and get on top of the car. My mawmaw was trying to push me on top of the car but it dragged me back down by my foot and started biting me on the leg.” The frightening account has shocked the suburb, but the town residents have applauded the little girl’s courage.

In the hospital, Mackenzie told reporters that the attack “didn’t hurt at first, but then it wouldn’t let me go.” The girl sustained bite wounds to her stomach and legs. Her aunt, Chastity Bradford, said that Mackenzie described the dog’s teeth sinking into her as similar to when a person bites into an apple. “I kept telling her I know she was hurting and I couldn’t feel her pain,” said Bradford. “I’m very proud of her . . . But if I was there,” she added, “I would’ve ran in and let the dog attack me instead of her.”

Police said the dog was humanely euthanized a few days after the attack and was sent to a lab to be tested for rabies.

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