Maryland Toddler Loses Part of His Nose in Dog Bite Incident.

A 3 year-old boy was rushed to the Johns Hopkins Pediatrics Trauma center in Baltimore, Maryland this past Saturday, October 26, 2013 for treatment of his personal injuries.  This was after he sustained a serious personal injury to his nose when a neighbor’s dog bit him.

The dog attack occurred on the 200-block of Glen Road in Glen Burnie, Maryland. According to local police, the terrier/lab mix was in its owner’s yard when the dog bite accident happened. Apparently, the fence around the yard contained a hole that was large enough for the toddler to poke his head through. According to the police, the child put his face underneath the chain link fence. The dog then lashed at his face. The fire department retrieved the part of the boy’s nose that had been bitten off and gave it to the boy’s doctors in hopes that it could be re-attached.

The owners of the animal have been cooperative and turned it over to Animal Control. The local police and fire department are further investigating the dog bite incident and are working to ensure that animals are kept in enclosed, safe spaces, so that children who do not know better will not get hurt.

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