Woman Attacked By Her Own Dog Sues Her Town.

Cassandra Cosgriff was viciously attacked by her own dog, Zen, several years after she adopted the abandoned pit bull from the town of Riverhead animal shelter. After sustaining possibly life-enduring injuries, the New York woman has filed a lawsuit against her town, alleging fraud and negligence for failing to warn her about Zen’s violent tendencies.

The dog allegedly jumped up on Cosgriff, biting near her neck. The dog caught her arm and would not release her from his jaw’s stronghold. Although the dog has since been euthanized, the emotional and physical pain remains in tact. According to Cosgriff, the nerve damage causes two of her injuries to persistently ache and she is afraid to be in the same part of her home where the dog attacked her.

After the attack, Cosgriff did some research and learned more about her dog’s past. She learned from police that the pit bull had endured a history of abuse, including having his ears cut with scissors and being forced to fight as a “fighter dog.” According to the lawsuit, the town knew the history of abuse and therefore never should have placed the troubled dog with a family. Cosgriff is seeking millions of dollars in her lawsuit.

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