Sheriff Says Charges Won’t Be Filed In South Carolina Dog Bite.

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According to the Barnwell County Sheriff’s Office, no charges will be brought against the owner of the pit bull who bit a 4-year-old girl on Mother’s Day. The vicious attack occurred in a family friend’s backyard in Barnwell County, South Carolina. When Kalyn Smith arrived at the house with her 4-year-old daughter Natalie, she immediately asked the owner, Crystal Moore, to put her pit bull inside. The owner refused, and simply said, “Oh he’s not going to bother her.” Sadly, Moore was wrong.

Moore’s son tied the pit bull to a tree on a 3-foot chain located inside their fenced-in backyard. It was not long before the bite occurred. According to Moore, she heard the dog yelp and noticed Natalie tugging at the dog’s ears. But Kalyn tells a different story, saying one minute all was quiet with the dog lying down, and the next he was on top of her daughter placing a severe bite mark on her face. Moore called the bite a “nip,” but despite its title, the injury required three internal stitches and ten external stitches.

A report from the Sheriff’s office indicated they would not be able to press charges against the Moore family because the accident occurred while the dog was tethered to a tree within the fenced-in backyard. This was also the dog’s first offence of violence or aggression. Natalie’s family plans to fight the county and file a civil personal injury lawsuit against the dog owners. 

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