Utah Woman Awarded $250K for Severe Dog Bite.

An Ogden, Utah woman was awarded $250,000.00 by a judge in a lawsuit for injuries sustained in a dog attack in July 2012, which resulted in severe injuries.

Judge Mike DiReda found that defendants James and Cindy Davis owed Sara Loving $250,000.00 in damages from for injuries she sustained in the July 2012 attack.  According to The Standard-Examiner of Ogden, “Loving was visiting the couple’s home when their Rottweiler burst into the living room and bit her thigh. It took several minutes for the owners to make the dog let go.”  As a result of the vicious attack, Loving, a certified nursing assistant at the time, was hospitalized, underwent multiple surgeries, and has not been able to return to work since the attack.

According to Stephen Farr, Loving’s attorney, “collecting the payments from the defendants may prove difficult since they now live in Louisiana.” The Davis’ are accused of doing nothing to address Loving’s hospital bills.

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