Postman Suffers Dog Bite Injuries for 18th Time in 20 Years.

On August 25, 2012, a postman in Fife, Scotland suffered his 18th dog bite in his 20-year career as a postman.

Garry Haldane was attacked by a dog as he was delivering mail on his normal Saturday mail route near a local school.  Haldane was bitten on the leg and had to get treatment for puncture wounds and bruising at an area hospital.

The dog’s owner, a 51 year-old local resident, was cautioned and charged by local police for having an unrestrained dog.

A representative for the Scotland postal workers’ union reported that dog bite attacks on postal workers are up 74% from last year.  The union is attempting to run an educational campaign about dog bites in order to protect local postmen.

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