Man Viciously Attacked By Dog in Port Washington, New York.

A 54 year-old man was carrying bags to his car in Port Washington, NY, when he suffered a vicious dog bite attack.

According to local reports, the man was carrying several bags to his car from his father’s residence, when he heard a dog barking. The man noticed a woman with a leashed pit-bull across the street. The woman told the man to remain still, because the dog bites. The dog then broke free from its leash and lunged at the man, knocking him to the ground. The pit-bull bit the man’s head and groin area.

The dog bite victim kicked the animal several times in an attempt to stop the dog attack. Eventually, the owner of the pit-bull was able to gain control of the dog and pull it off the man.

When police arrived at the scene of the dog attack, the man was holding towels to his bloodied head, and the man’s bag was on the ground. Froth from the pit-bull’s mouth was found on the bag.

The dog bite victim was transported to a local hospital’s emergency room to receive treatment for lacerations and dog bites to his head, hand and groin. The man also received several stitches on his left ear.

Port Washington Police has determined that the pit-bull was not licensed by the city of Port Washington and that its rabies vaccination had expired over a year before the dog attack. The pit-bull has been quarantined and its owners have been cited with vicious dog and unlicensed dog violations.

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