Man Nearly Loses Finger in Chihuahua Dog Attack.

A man from Salt Lake City, Utah has received $45,000 in a personal injury settlement after he nearly lost his finger as the result of a Chihuahua dog bite. 

The man, whose name has not been released, was bitten by the dog at the base of his middle finger. The dog bite incident involved his neighbor’s Chihuahua and resulted in puncture wounds that became severely infected, causing the finger to swell to twice its normal size.  As a result of the dog attack, the man had to visit the hospital several times, and even have surgery in order to save his finger.

Experts say that such a severe dog bite injury can be caused by a small dog due to the sharpness of the dog’s small teeth.  The dog’s teeth resemble those of cats, but are coupled with a dog’s naturally stronger bite, which allow the dog’s teeth to puncture much deeper than a cat’s.  This causes bacteria to go deeper into the tissue, resulting in possible severe infections without prompt and proper treatment.

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