Hiker and Her Dogs Attacked by Bear-Hunting Dogs in North Carolina State Park.

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There are many reasons why dogs are considered to be man’s “best friend.”  Generally, dogs make very loyal pets; they will follow their owners or handlers wherever they go, even into danger if necessary.  Dogs are also playful.  They provide companionship and joy to those who enjoy the dog’s friendly disposition.  These reasons, among dozens of others, are why millions of Americans choose to keep dogs as pets.

Despite the popularity and love for our canines, not all of these animals can be classified as tame or domestic.  Some breeds of dogs are naturally aggressive and are prone to violence.  Dog attacks occur regularly in this country.  In fact, roughly 4.7 million Americans visit emergency rooms each year to treat wounds suffered from dog attacks.  Statistics also show that dog attacks are much more likely to occur in the home of a friend or relative.  However, there are also instances in which unfortunate coincidence is the only explanation for a brutal dog attack.

On October 13, 2014, 29-year-old Kadie Anderson was hiking in the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina.  An Ohio-native, Kadie was enjoying her vacation with her two Australian shepherd dogs.  At the end of her trip, she was packing up her campsite with several friends.  Suddenly, a dozen bear-hunting dogs came through the forest and surrounded Kadie and her dogs.   Then, roughly half of the dogs attacked her.  Although her own dogs rushed to her defense, they were smaller and were severely wounded.  Kadie tried to beat the dogs away with a stick, but that wasn’t effective.  After she had fought off the dogs for 45 minutes, the owners came and called off their dogs. 

As a result of the harrowing attack, Kadie suffered multiple bite wounds to her hands, arms, and legs.  She received treatment at a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio after driving nine hours from the site of the attack.  Although Kadie did not get the identities of the hunters who owned the dogs at the scene, she is reportedly planning on filing a civil lawsuit against them in state court.

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