Aggressive Dog Bites Vacationer’s Leg.

Koreylee Kahki’s dog Keshar had a history of violence, according to local police. Kashir was known for being a generally aggressive dog and had previously bitten Kahki’s former partner.

As a result of the prior dog bite incidents, Kahki had been instructed to restrain the dog and not leave it unattended. In 2011, Kahki was also ordered to keep Keshar in only fenced in areas. The dog had to be muzzled when in public and neutered as well.

On August 9, 2012, Kahki believed that Keshar was locked in a shed at her new Woodville, New Zealand home.

Pamela Cresswell was on vacation in New Zealand from Australia. She and a friend were delivering pamphlets on the street, when Keshar raced out of the shed, jumped over the fence, and clamped its jaws on the back of Cresswell’s left thigh.

Cresswell was taken to the hospital for treatment. She received several stitches and a tetanus shot. Her departure back to Australia was postponed because of the risk of a blood clot.

Kahki was charged last month with criminal misconduct and pleaded guilty in court. She suggested to the jury that she had been drinking that day. She claims Keshar was locked in the shed, but that she must have inadvertently pushed the button that opened the shed door. Kahki had the dog euthanized soon after the dog attack incident.

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