Michigan Woman Attacked by Rottweiler Awarded $80,000 in Damages.

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Like any other species of animal, dogs vary in their behavior and characteristics.  Their temperament, so to speak, is dictated by a variety of contributing factors, including breed and upbringing.  But regardless of what influences a dog’s behavior, the owner or keeper of the dog is responsible for what it does.  Aggressive breeds, like rottweilers and pit bulls, are particularly prone to attacks on other people, and then leave their owners responsible for personal injury lawsuits.

Dogs truly are a “man’s best friend.”  Millions of Americans own dogs; some even own multiple dogs.  But because they are prominent features of the household, there is an even greater risk of injury or, in the worst cases, a wrongful death.  Dog attacks can sometimes result in fatalities, especially if the victim is a child or elderly person.

In early July of 2011, a woman from Lenawee County, Michigan was checking out a rental property.  She was interested in a particular building, but had to pass by a fenced-in dog pen to get there.  Inside that pen was a Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix.  As she passed by, the dog crawled beneath a space in the fence and attacked her.  She suffered numerous injuries on her back, arm and leg.

After suffering the attack, the woman filed a lawsuit against the dog owner for her injuries which allegedly required corrective surgery. The dog owner claimed that the woman was trespassing, and therefore provoked the dog. However, the jury found for the plaintiff, and awarded her $80,000 in damages.

If you or a loved one have been attacked by a vicious dog, contact our Boston personal injury attorneys right away.  We understand the emotional trauma caused by these incidents.  Armed with many, many years of experience, our dog bite lawyer experts will work tirelessly to see that you secure an appropriate damage award for all of your pain and suffering.  Your needs are our top priority!

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