Four Missionaries Attacked By Pitbull Outside Of Arlington, Texas.

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As four Jehovah’s Witnesses arrived at a home, they were met by a pitbull that had managed to escape from a nearby backyard. One of the Witnesses, a 76 year-old woman, opened the door and was first attacked by the pitbull. The three other Witnesses rushed to her aid and attempted to fight off the dog with a tree branch striking the pitbull multiple times. Although this stopped the initial attack, the pitbull continued fighting and made several more attempts to bite the four missionaries.

Along with the 76 year-old woman, another Witness, a 40 year old woman, was also bitten. Two relatives of the pitbull’s owner were also attacked. All four of the victims were taken to a nearby hospital with various degrees of injuries. The first victim attacked lost a large amount of blood and was believed to be in the most serious condition. After the owner returned home, he gave up the dog to the Arlington, Texas Police and asked that they euthanize the animal.

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