Fleeing Utah Suspect Bitten by Police Dog.

A Utah man was bitten by a police dog after leading police on a car chase that started in West Valley City, Utah at around 3 a.m Monday morning and ended in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.

The man was suspected of stealing a car and was fleeing West Valley police, after they spotted him in the stolen vehicle and attempted to pull him over. The man led police on a chase down Bangerter Highway, onto Highway 201 and I-15, where he evaded a pit maneuver but crashed his car.

Police say the man dove into the water at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, but then yelled that he could not swim. A local police officer and a K-9 swam to fish the man out of the water. When the man resisted, the police dog bit him in order to get him to cooperate.

The suspect was then transported to a local hospital and is expected to fully recover. West Valley Police intend to book the suspect on numerous felonies when he is released from the hospital.

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