Dogs Involved in Georgia Woman’s Death Euthanized.

Rebeca Carey, 23, of Decatur, Georgia, was tragically killed this past weekend after suffering massive dog bites from her own dogs.

According to the DeKalb County Animal Control Unit, Carey’s five rescue dogs, and a dog of a friend, involved in Carey’s death were all put down this week.

Prior to her wrongful death, Carey was experienced as a dog trainer.  She focused most of her efforts on rescuing and training dogs. Friends and relatives say that Carey volunteered her time at local animal shelters and that she was devoted to finding animals safe and loving homes.

Interim Director of the DeKalb County Animal Control Unit, Tim Medlin, said that he was not taking any chances, and wanted to ensure that none of the dogs could ever hurt anyone again. Among the dogs euthanized were Carey’s two pit bulls, her boxer mix, and her Presa Canario, in addition to the Presa owned by Carey’s friend, Jackie Cira.

Cira maintains that animal control was hasty in its decision to put down all of the dogs, and that it could have determined the particular dog or dogs at fault by analyzing the bite marks on Carey’s body.

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