Alaskan Man Mauled by Wild Bear.

Ben Radakovich was hiking in the Alaskan woods recently when he came upon a bear cub.  The mother, a brown bear, attacked Radakovich before he could fire his pepper spray.

Radakovich used his ski poles to defend himself as the bear batted at him.  Fortunately, Radakovich was able to climb thirty feet up a tree and used his cell phone to call 911.  He talked to the emergency personnel and told them that he had just been mauled by a brown bear, had climbed up a tree, and could hear the bear grunting and panting trying to get at him from below.

The man suffered severe personal injuries to his head, neck and back from the animal attack.  When rescuers arrived two hours later, he was bleeding badly and shivering. He was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital to be treated for his personal injuries.

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