9 Year-Old Rushed To Hospital After Human Society Visit Went Terribly Wrong.

Dogs are generally and widely considered to be the most beloved of all house pets. While some may argue that other animals deserve that spot, there is no denying that a dog is thought to be a man’s best friend. However, when a dog is treated poorly or raised in isolation, they have the ability to be aggressive and cause serious injuries when they attack. If you, unfortunately, experience this and are bitten by a dog, our expert dog bite attorneys here at our Boston, Massachusetts law firm have decades of experience fighting for our Massachusetts clients. We can help guide you through the complicated litigation process inherent in animal attack cases.

When a family took a trip recently to their local Humane Society on Sunday, they didn’t expect it would end with a visit to the hospital. Brett Powlesland said his 9 year-old daughter was injured at the animal shelter on the city’s north side when she was attacked by a large dog in a room on the adoption floor. The Humane Society is investigating the incident. Mr. Powlesland said the dog was friendly when he gave it a scratch before bringing his daughter into the room. But when it saw the child, its temperament changed.

Mr. Powlesland had to tear the dog off his daughter, which left cuts where the canine’s teeth had dug into her skin. Before they were able to escape the room, the dog managed to take hold of the girl’s other arm. The girl received some stitches at a local hospital. The Humane Society shared the dog’s records with medical staff. The file contained information on the dog’s immunization history and also had details on behavioral issues.

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