Family Of Young Boy Attacked By Pit Bull Sues Dog Owners.

According to the Alabama Media Group, a nine year-old boy from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Titus Wilkerson, was attacked by a pit bull on his walk home from school. Titus suffered grave and severe injuries to his face, head, stomach and legs from the dog attack. Young Titus was required to be airlifted to the Children’s of Alabama Hospital in order to receive treatment. He is in critical condition currently, but is expected to survive the incident. Titus lost his right ear in the scuffle and had to reattach his left ear surgically. Much of the reconstruction of the boy’s body will have to wait until after he reaches adolescence.

Titus’s mother, Nyeshia Strickland, has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the dog, Dollie Scott and Christopher Guyton. Attorney Paul Patterson is representing the plaintiffs. The injured boy claims that the defendants are guilty of negligence, in addition to wantonness and recklessness, because they did not adequately secure their dog, which was known to be violent. Ms. Strickland is seeking money damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and punitive damages.

The dog was taken from the owners by the Tuscaloosa County animal control officers and put to sleep. An investigation found that months before the dog attack, the same dog bit Titus’s seventeen year-old brother’s hand. The boys’ mother allegedly told the owners of the dog about that incident and the violent tendencies of their dog and the owners responded by cursing at her and shooing her off their property.

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